Cyrus Nemati
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Voice Credits

There's a lot more - these are just highlights! I've done TV, radio spots, and toys for Hasbro, Hallmark, Hitachi, Del Taco, Lighthouse, Capitol College, Cyclepoint, and many others. Some unannounced projects cannot be listed here.


What do you call a guy who gives up a steady job working in the D.C. policy world up to pursue a career in entertainment? If you're my old colleagues, you call them "insane," but you let them go gracefully. So it was with me. I've loved writing, voices, and games since I was a little kid, and that love never let go. Every move that took me further away from being a part of the industry that made me who I am just made me more depressed, so I made a change at the end of 2012. Through luck, persistence, and practice, I've had the opportunity to work with some of the top people in the games industry. And now I want to work for you.

Most voice work is listed above, but if you need a PDF type acting resume, that's okay! I've got you covered.

Voice Resume

Want to know what I've been doing writing and production-wise? Just download this sucker!

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