Cyrus Nemati
Voice Actor / Writer / Producer
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Writing & Production Credits

Voice Credits

There's a lot more - these are just highlights! I've done TV & radio spots for Hallmark, Hitachi, Del Taco, Lighthouse, Capitol College, Cyclepoint, and many others. Some unannounced projects cannot be listed here.


What do you call a guy who gives up a steady job working in the D.C. policy world up to pursue a career in entertainment? If you're my old colleagues, you call them "insane," but you let them go gracefully. So it was with me. I've loved writing, voices, and games since I was a little kid, and that love never let go. Every move that took me further away from being a part of the industry that made me who I am just made me more depressed, so I made a change at the end of 2012. Through luck, persistence, and practice, I've had the opportunity to work with some of the top people in the games industry. And now I want to work for you.

Most voice work is listed above, but if you need a PDF type acting resume, that's okay! I've got you covered.

Voice Resume

Want to know what I've been doing writing and production-wise? Just download this sucker!

Writing/Production Resume

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